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During the process, the deployment manager locates the new SETINIT and loads it into SAS metadata, effectively renewing your SAS solution software.(For more information about the other Deployment Manager features, see Overview of SAS Deployment Manager and SAS Web Administration Console in the After you add a SAS solution to your deployment, or renew your SAS software, some SAS 9.2 solutions that depend on a SAS middle tier require you to apply the new SETINIT in metadata.When you deploy a SAS solution on a middle-tier machine that does not also contain SAS Foundation, you must update the SID file in metadata using the SAS Deployment Manager from the machine on which the SETINIT for the solution is enabled.For more information, see Update the SID File in Metadata for SAS Solutions.V$DATABASE gives DB_NAME V$THREAD gives ORACLE_SID If ORACLE_SID = DB_SID and db_name = DBNAME: To find the current value of ORACLE_SID: SVRMGR select name from v$database; NAME --------- DBNAME Modifying a database to run under a new ORACLE_SID: =================================================== 1. Change locations to the "dbs" directory % cd $ORACLE_HOME/dbs and rename the following files: o (or use pfile to point to the init file.) o control file(s).This is optional if you do not rename any of the controlfiles, and the control_files parameter is used.

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Login to Server Manager % svrmgrl SVRMGR alter database backup controlfile to trace resetlogs; This will create a trace file containing the "CREATE CONTROLFILE" command to recreate the controlfile in its current form. Shutdown the database and exit SVRMGR SVRMGR exit The database must be shutdown with SHUTDOWN NORMAL or SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE.If "user_dump_dest" is set in the "init.ora" file, then go to the directory listed in the "user_dump_dest" variable.The trace file will have the form "ora_with NNNN being a number. Get the "CREATE CONTROLFILE" command from the trace file and put it in a new file called something like "ccf.sql". Edit the "ccf.sql" file FROM: CREATE CONTROLFILE REUSE DATABASE "olddbname" NORESETLOGS ...And lastly, where can I find out the SID of my database? We can have more then 1 database on the same oracle home so we need a way to id them. I know you are on unix, so here are the steps for changing it (or the database name) under Unix - they are different on NT. It plus the Oracle_home are hashed together in Unix to create a unique key name for attaching an SGA.

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