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Lacey then took her to the green room of the venue under the pretense of getting his things, she says.He closed the door behind them, pushed her against the wall, and kissed and touched her in ways she didn’t want.“I didn’t really see it for what it was because when you’re a teenager you think, ‘I know everything, I’m an adult.’” The last time Garey says she had contact with Lacey was when she was 22 or 23; he Skyped her while masturbating.“I know I should’ve turned it off, but there’s something in me that couldn’t,” she says.Garey alleges that Lacey continually asked her for more nude photos.She recalls him saying, “I had to delete them, I can’t keep them on my computer.” “You’re flattered because [the singer of] one of your favorite bands is interested in you and nobody’s taken interest in you before,” Garey tells Pitchfork.Earlier today (November 13), Brand New canceled their remaining 2017 tour dates in Europe.Pitchfork has reached out to representatives for the band for comment multiple times prior to the publishing of this story, to no response.

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She met Lacey in 2003 when she was 15 years old, while photographing a Brand New show in upstate New York. Lacey, then 24, began asking Garey to send him nude photos over instant messenger; she obliged.An important privacy and safety note: Unless teens change their account settings to limit or restrict public access, anyone can search for, see, and contact them. There's a very helpful FAQ page on the oo Voo website for people new to video chat or who are having trouble connecting with others across platforms.The app will instantly link users with contacts in a user's phone and in Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter accounts using Premium for .99/year or .99/month.In hindsight as an adult woman, I know I was preyed on.” In an account similar to Garey’s story, Driskill says that Lacey solicited her for nude photos starting when she was 17.He allegedly sent photos of himself undressing, subjected Driskill to “countless masturbatory video chat sessions,” and “attempted to manipulate [her] into engaging in sexual situations with other people, on camera, for his viewing pleasure.” Any time Driskill refused his demands, she says Lacey would threaten to restrict her access to the band.

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