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Scroll down for video The axe was discovered near village of Zug-Riedmatt, Switzerland, and was likely used both to chop wood and as a lethal weapon.

Unlike Ötzi's axe, the blade analysed in the new study was found without its wooden handle.

There are many great men and women archaeologists that have contributed significantly to the field of archaeology.

Since his discovery on 19 December 1991 by German hikers, Ӧtzi has provided window into early human history.

His mummified remains were uncovered in melting glacier in the mountainous border between Austria and Italy'We have to consider that people who travelled in the Alps had a very profound knowledge of the landscape and its conditions due to their experience with hunting, herding and exploring natural resources in these areas.'Stronger links between northern and southern Europe could explain mysterious crossovers in styles of pottery, rock art, burial customs seen in the north, he added.'It is one step to a much more connected worldview,' Dr Schaeren said.

People living in the Alps were thought to have sourced their copper locally or from the Balkans.

Now experts at the Office for Monuments and Archaeology in the Swiss state of Zug claim the two axes show Copper Age Europeans were better connected than first thought.

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