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), and he ended up pinning me and lifting my knees to my chest to sort of make me!!! I'd been far too anxious about doing it in front of him because he doesn't really like un-feminine or grotesque behaviour (by that I mean, I know a lot of women who will pin their partners and fart in their faces, I don't get that personally, it weirds me out a bit), and he was always telling me not to worry so much about it! Anyway, here's some TMI, we're now at the stage of where sometimes all modesty and dignity goes out of the window, I have severe IBS, and my mega flare ups have me on the loo screaming and crying in pain and the last few times I've passed out from the pain and he's had to be there holding me up on the toilet whilst I was unconscious and still 'going'! Same thing- do you let it rip in front of your boss? Either hold on and wait or if impossible try to let a little out slowly and quietly.

Gotta love him To the people claiming to not fart in front of their other half... It takes a certain amout of "positive action" to blow a trumpet using abdominal muscles. No I don't fart in front of my partner, even though we are close I like to preserve a certain amount of dignity.

I only do it when I have to though and never have with any previous partners.

I cant imagine spending the rest of our lives together not being 100% totally comfortable around each other, including bodily functions. But Im like that with everyone, friends and family-I just think its gross and rude. I just find stinky farts puke inducing (meaty burps also make me retch) and so I wouldnt purposefully let rip in front of anyone-its terrible manners.I don't want to watch my OH defacate either or wipe his a**e and these are normal too.I suppose It's down to personal taste then, and also the way you are raised.He got the door slammed in his face when i spotted the MIL heading up the stairs offering her 'advice' I do, but it took me ages to be able to!It wasn't until one day I told him I had mega bad cramps and bloating from holding it all in (we were talking about farts lol and he was saying he was still waiting for me to slip up in front of him, I say slip up because I really didn't want to let rip! Find it hard to believe you get out the way in time, every time!! What do you do if you are in a meeting at work and feel the need?

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