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If I reboot my norton core, the link starts to work.

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It’s the news that all of us haters have been anxiously waiting for: after many years of being able to only “like” things on Facebook…a dislike button is coming. Given the choice, many people would rather give themselves mild electric shocks than sit idly in a room for 15 minutes, according to a study published today in Science The results are a testament to our discomfort with our own thoughts, say psychologists, and to the challenge we face when we try to rein them in.“We lack a comfort in just being alone with our thoughts,” says Malia Mason, a psychologist at Columbia University in New York, who was not involved in the study.“It’s not enough to provide people with an entry point,” she says.“They need a direction to go in.” Wilson intends to pursue ways to tame what he calls “the disengaged mind”.

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