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He imparts deep life-changing strategies on how people can change their thinking patterns for the better.To foster personal growth, he uses neuro-linguistic programming, acupressure, mental exercises, and hypnosis.His mission is to give his clients the tools to overcome their fears and insecurities so they become the best version of themselves.In the realm of dating, that means helping singles to feel confident, attractive, and worthy of love.Through years of study, Jay developed himself into a much more confident, assertive, and social person.His insights from that time of self-exploration and growth now guide him when working with people with social anxiety.

“I studied everything from hypnosis to energy medicine — you name it, I probably tried it.” Jay also studied and questioned his more socially-adept peers to figure out how they could interact so effortlessly in situations that would make a shy guy like Jay freeze up.Anyone looking to get more out of their life can sign up for a free consult with Jay to see if they’re a good fit for his personal coaching services. In the space of two-hour sessions, he challenges people to unlock their minds and change potentially self-sabotaging habits.“I like being able to help people with a wide variety of issues,” he said.Whatever is standing in a person’s way, Jay knows that his clients have the ability to overcome it — his job is getting them to realize that, too. “I help people with every aspect of their lives, and I like being that resource for them.” Growing up, Jay wasn’t the most outgoing kid in his class; in fact, most of the time he felt downright awkward.He watched popular and outgoing kids with wonder, wishing he could be so naturally gifted.

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