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There is a catalogue listed as 1923 (but very likely any date from 1917 to 1924) that lists three tubaphone tenor styles: Style M, Style X No. This is the first documentation that I am aware of of Vega Tubaphone tenors.See the images below: According to the ’1923′ catalogue, all three styles came is two sizes: Regular, 10 3/4 inches (which today fit 10 15/16 inch heads) and Professional, 12 inches (which today fit 11 13/16 inch heads).

This likely explains why the majority of Style Ms in existence today sport 10 15/16 inch heads and Style Xs and De Luxes are always (I’ve not seen otherwise) sporting 11 13/16 inch heads.Style Ms without extended fingerboard are predominately found with the “natural finish”, as noted in the ’1923′ catalogue.The extended fingerboard versions from this period have what appears to be the ‘antique’ finish reserved for the Style X and De Luxe versions.Colour also provides a clue to the date and Styles of the various Vega styles of tenors.There appear to be two finishes for Vega tenors in the 1918 – 1922 Imperial Torch period: natural and antique.

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