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A trial separation can be a message that a marriage is salvageable. People make mistakes and can use a trial separation as a time to turn inwards and reflect on the problems and solutions of their relationship. We have helped others and would be glad to help you.

It can mean gaining an understanding of what happened during years of marriage. Would you like some help negotiating your trial separation?

They may already be involved in an affair or intrigued by someone special or by the single life.

Their plan, no matter what they say, is to explore other options.

Some agree that financial arrangements remain the same as they were during the marriage while others come up with a specific formula for bills/child support, etc.

With that being said, many who claim a need for a trial separation are doing so because they have found or think that they will find someone else.

Couples who decide to try it this way often attempt it and then find that they need to do something different.

There are both positive and negative aspects to this approach.

The intent for this time is to have a cooling off period and to gain some space.* Decide together about This is a good time for you and your spouse to date each other, not other people.

Therapists differ on whether or not couples should decide to date others during a trial separation.

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