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For example, if you want to search Google Maps, start with "maps" followed by your desired search term.The default web searches include the following sites and services: Google Search, Google's I'm Feeling Lucky, Google Images, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Google Translate, Gmail (Open and search), Google Drive (Open and search), Twitter (Open and search for users or tweets), Wikipedia, Amazon, IMDB, e Bay, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Linked In, You Tube, Facebook, Flickr, Wolfram, Yubnub, Duck Duck Go, Weather Underground, Rotten Tomatoes, Pinterest, Web Search, double-click on the keyword you wish to change and type in your new preferred keyword. Gerhart Web behavior depends upon three interlocking communities: (1) authors whose Web pages link to other pages; (2) search engines indexing and ranking those pages; and (3) information seekers whose queries and surfing reward authors and support search engines.

Systematic suppression of controversial topics would indicate a flaw in the Web’s ideology of openness and informativeness.

One empirical study [3] investigated link characteristics of highly controversial topics such as gun control and abortion.

Crawling three million pages confirmed that a few sites accrued most of the inlinks, suggesting a normal surfer would be "pulled" toward those sites, rather than traveling to smaller and more diverse sites.

Because search engines heavily use page links to rank results, searchers often start surfing at these same popular sites.

This study also found Web site size and linking often mirrors well established traditional organizations, with only occasional Web–based newcomer groups.

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