Dating arabu dubia

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Zeituny.—IL Prantl, ■ On the influence of light on the bilaterality of the fern-prothallium.'— J.

tumida, Lindb., Gymnomitrium crassi- folium, Carr., sp.n., Junyermannia nccicmsis, Carr., sp.n., Diplo- phyllum wyriocarpum, Carr., sp.n.)— E. 1 — De Thuemen, 'Fungi i Egyptiaci,' (Oidium ^ medicayineum , Sorosporiuni desertorum, Uredo Isiacew, Spharopsis Calotropidis, spp.

He was born at Hanover, in 1814 and was [St 18°Il° f B ° ta 7 &&** ° f tl- Botant Garden 3 May last & P ° St Whl Ch he retained until &« death in „ «Z*. tinent to Mendoza, and of the Pampas He itt Wl L 1 })nnci ^ 1 collection of the p ants Ije erected*, mi* ,° Sdtt n S^A^x^'*" the same for the Government of Brazil L ° H Janeil '° to d ° Bio actively employed as an Z J™ ? ; ni0t He & ™Uy left South America out of the i Stf S ma^^hf Tv^ , , lim8elf to the firing elected a Fellow of the Linnean i ^° Ughfc with him - He was published, in the Xmi£^j£& » }™, ner ™ mediano prominente.

'r 7' Whei ' e 1 Uaents wil1 be Permitted, under &3£^ Pr ° CUre b ° tani Cal S ™ 13 ** *™^° The herbarium of the late Prof. Gbisebach, of Gottineen Un Tv" "fv o tt O t U nl 40 ' 00 n SP r% ha S been bathed to °the umveisity of that place. Grisebach was the author anion* British West Indies. He a*ain cr T I « 'T ° n his retuni to So^tli on the return journey formed T edtlle Co ? a r t ^ R mte ;' d Um SUb S6SSi Ji S - Spic, 4-oi-b P ^ U ^ U W 7:ii! 21^-Manihot Glazloru, 1RUL ^ f^SLS^ specimens in the R.

Bergental, ' Localities in South Halland and North Bohnslan,'— J. Zetterstedt, ' Vegetation of Visingso.' (Es Urrische Hot.

The second part is entirely systematic, containing a synopsis of the genera, or what the author calls a natural system of the Aracea (p. ^ The earlier editions of this book have been so fully noticed in this Journal (i. 23), that it is unnecessary to do more than call attention to the appearance of a third edition of a work which is invaluable to all who are interested in tracing the derivation of English plant-names.

The author includes in the Order Aracea the genus Pistia, and the Lemnacea as sub-families; but as the Lemnacea have been so recently monographed by Hegelmaier, they are omitted from the present book. The first part, occupying fifty-five pages, is devoted partly to the anatomy and morphology of the stems, leaves, and flowers, and partly to the geographical distribution of the Order.

Carrington, ' New British Hepatica (Riccia glaucescens, Carr., sp.n., JR.

1 — ' Woolhope Club Meeting, 1879 ' (contains descriptions of several fungi new to Britain, of which a list is given at p.

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