Chris crocker really dating his brother

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But in a Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr/Foursquare/Pinterest age when almost everyone lives online, bullying is a hotter topic than ever, and Britney is enjoying her own comeback, Chris's story truly resonates.

"--a sobbing defense of his fallen idol Britney Spears, after she caught flak for her disastrous VMAs performance--went superviral.

(The clip racked up more than four million views in just two days, and as of this writing, it has been watched almost 44 million times.) But there is more to Chris Crocker than just those two minutes and 12 seconds of online infamy, as a surprising new documentary that premiered at Sundance earlier this year and aired on HBO this week, The film, which was executive-produced by R. M.'s Michael Stipe, co-directed by Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears's husband Chris Moukarbel, and scored by Bjork/Usher/Philip Glass collaborator Nico Muhly, chronicles Chris's troubled upbringing as the effeminate, frequently bullied son of a meth-addicted teen mom.

In his gut wrenching fanboy rant, he admonishes the media, fellow faggot Perez Hilton, and everyone else on the planet for making fun of a fat chick with issues.

Certain viewers have noted that Crocker's view of Britney Spears has crossed from obsession to an actual psychological disorder called, "erotomania." Where, basically, as far as Crocker is concerned, he and Britney are best friends 4 lyfe.

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