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Krairi went on to spark a political storm that has become known in Morocco as Galvangate.

The case made headlines around the world after thousands took to the streets around Morocco to protest King Mohammed VI's July 30 decision to pardon Galván, along with 47 other Spanish nationals — an annual tradition that forms part of the celebrations marking the monarch's accession to the throne.

Galván told police that he had lived in Morocco on and off since 2004, traveling back and forth to Spain.

According to the Spanish authorities he obtained Spanish nationality by marrying a Spaniard.

If you go that route, I'd suggest drawing a circle around your actors so you can at least to repeat the shot as accurately as possible for each take, but even if you do it's still going to be tricky.

What are some other shots that are good to include in kissing scenes? All of these tips are equally important to keep in mind when setting up a scene that DOESN'T end up with a kiss too, because it's just as easy to "accidentally" imply a kiss is right around the corner!

"I thought he was Lebanese," says Matías Balibrea, his former boss at the university, who says Galván also made extra money giving private language classes.When it comes to romantic scenes, the two-shot is basically your establishing shot. Your two characters are on the verge of locking lips, their bodies quaking with anticipation, their hands yearning to ignite tiny infernos atop each other's skin (I was totally a romance novelist in a past life), but how do you show all of this passion and desire visually? You can slap your camera on a dolly, mount it on a 3-axis gimbal, or just go handheld and slowly and smoothly move closer to your characters.The closer you get the more intimate your audience will read the shot.Even though romantic scenes can be a little awkward for your cast and crew, setting up the shots you'll need can be relatively painless if you know what works.In this video, cinematographer Zack Wallnau, who lensed the CW series , goes over a handful of different camera and lighting setups that are not only feasible on an indie budget but effective at giving your audience that much-needed climactic release after an entire scene of mounting sexual tension.

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